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 Damien Salvatore's History

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PostSubject: Damien Salvatore's History   Damien Salvatore's History Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 2:53 am

Damien Salvatore first started out his career about 10 years ago in Mecklinburg as an LMB Thug, guarding his boss's storage room and patroling the club was his duties. He had access to a Beneli M3 shotgun, a berretta and a 5-7. Life was great for young "Damo", paid for walking around, access to high powered guns and 18 years old. He regularly joined in fucking up the "WaWa" servo with a group of mates and shooting out with the rival gang, those wankers who actually owned the servo.

One day, Damien thought to himself "I've been doing my job for fuckin' ages and these dumb cunts haven't recognised my beautiful contribution to LMB". He was walking by the Mecklinburg PD and he noticed a flyer about recruitment. Damien didn't think twice and jumped to the "right" side of society.. As a year or so passed, Damien eventually moved onto a town called Mevelport, signed up for the Police Department again and started a new life, though, this town was fucked up, it was full of gangs like the "SCG" and the "McRodneys" in their prime. Constantly hour after hour there was shootouts between gangs, civillians and armed robberies every 2 seconds. Damien kind of enjoyed all the action, after all it beats sitting behind a desk for 10 hours a day. After two years, Damien left the police and started up his own armed security business, which was a failure, no one was in demand of his services and he couldn't compete with every man and his dog armed with AK47s... Damien eventually left Mevelport for Shaunsville.

Damien changed town as things got boring or there was a lack of work, again, signing up for the Police department in Shaunsville for a little while, he kept his police work on the low down, he knew about the local mafia, the Campisi's and didn't want to attract any sort of negative attention with people he couldn't take care of himself, eventually he had a mental breakdown and wasn't seen for a few months, last time he was sighted was at his residence, though a suspicious man in robes who addressed himself as "Brother Kermit" came into town, a religious nut job who was constantly buying weapons and shooting out with people, no one knew who the fuck he was or why he was in town. Damien came back into town after a few months but left when he heard some faggot called Greg Williams got into office as mayor.. He was in Shaunsville for a year.

Arriving at a town called Burbank, again the first stop was the local Police Station, Damien worked his way up to a high position, but he was known to be corrupt, letting people get away with armed robbery as long as they cut him in cash, or buying weapons from the local arms dealer... Things were going good, he was in a position with high power over people, buying assault rifles from a local arms dealer and associating with hard criminals he eventually made friends with, life was great, lots of money and lots of friends, until one day a gang of arab cunts moved into the town, everyone was suspicious of them, as day to day life went on, the shit hit the fan 5 years later, the arabs amassed 12 or 13 of their cousins/brothers and armed with AK47s, killed the local Triads and seriously injured Damien and his commanding officer, Don Punch.... Damien left for Mevelport at speed to escape the Arabs.

Damien arrived in Mevelport after leaving so many years ago, it hadn't changed, full of criminals and fucked up as always. Damien got in and become in command of the entire PD until one day, he just had enough, said fuck it and created a gang with many members, they owned the club "Ther", the gang was supposed to be on the low down, but some fucked up druggies decided to shoot out with police and shouting the name out loud and saying they were going to take over... Everyone knew about us which wasn't the plan. Damien had to acquire some guns, his business man Matthew Brooks had set up a deal to purchase some heavy weaponry, but the people fucked us over and Damien and his mates payed them a visit. They went out their front door, down the stairs and met 7 or 8 people armed with shotguns, they made the headlines on the news paper, too bad they were dead... Someone hit the gang with a revenge attack and killed Craig Salvatore and a few others, Damien had enough and dissapeared, no one had since him since.

A year later, a man rolls up in Burbank that looked vaguely familiar, he walked by the club and noticed security positions open, he applies...
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Damien Salvatore's History
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