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 Craig Mcrodney History

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PostSubject: Craig Mcrodney History   Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:12 am

Craig Mcrodney is one of the best know mobsters to ever walk the face of the earth. People feared and loved him at the same time but no one knew why he acted the way he did. I am going to let you in on the history behind this wild killing machine.

Craig Mcrodney was born in 1981 the son of a crack addicted father and prostitute mother. He was abandoned on the footsteps of the mevelport church the day he was born. He was always getting in trouble with the priest of the church and was frequently punished. They were not the only people Craig got in trouble with the local police department were always picking him up of the streets. When he 14 he was sent to Juvenal hall for attempted murder, He claimed self defense and was sentenced to 4 years. Craig has always claimed that the priest had tryed to kill him that night yelling " You are the son of Satan and need to be cleansed".

That's when Craigs real trouble began at the age of 18 he started to get involved with the local gangs of Mevelport. He started of small selling sticks and half bags to the local kids. Ironically that is were Craig met his mother for the first time in his life. When he was called up by a unknown woman asking to buy a bag of cannabis and to meet at the underpass he was met by 3 woman. One of them turned out to be his mother who said she gove him up because she did not want him to live the same life she did. She also told him that he was not the only one of his family and that he had more brothers and that one of them was living in town. His name was matt mcrodney who was small time drug trafficker.

Craig met with his brother for the thirst time in 1999 and together they started the most famous mob ever in mevelport " The Mcrodney Family". When the family first started they were pushed around a lot by the police and the local gangs of mevelport mainly the triads. When Craig was shot out in a deal gone wrong he decided he was going to settle the matter with the triads once and for all. He called the lead of the triads whos name is to long to type and arranged a meeting in the local pub.

The meeting was a bad idea although craig told everyone to come unarmed a gun battle eventually broke out. He killed 5 triads before being shot in both arms by a local police officer. In the court case following craig told the judge that he went into the pub unarmed and that he was there to negotiate with the triads. The judge at the time judge guil teh did not believe craig but camera footage taken at the scene showed that craig was unarmed entering the building. The judge still sentenced him to 5 years jail to be served in h division.

In jail he wrote a book called "Life threw my eyes" the book had mild success and sold 40000 copy's. In jail he got a tattoo of his daughters name "Nicole" on his left peck. Craig had become a father two days before getting sentenced, his girlfriend fled the country with his baby and was never seen again. He was released in 2004 after serving his 5 years in prison. Upon his release a storm of media swarmed the jail demanding a interview with the famous mobster. He denied all interviews but gove a speech to the crowd of media.

Craig Mcordney release from prision 2004. " I am 23 years old and i have spent 7 years of my life solitary confinement. Way to long if you ask me but this will be the last time i ever go to jail i promise yous that". The media assumed that Craig meant that he was not going to brake the law ever again. What he really meant was that he was never going to get caught again.

Craig knew that the police would be all over him in mevelport so he decided it was time to relocate the mcrodney family. In 2005 they vanished from police surveillance and were not seen until 2006 in a small town called shaunsville.

Shaunsville was already owned by a gang know as the Campisi's. Craig tryed fighting them out of town but he was unsuccessful. His family was just to small and underpowered at the time. After a year of constant gang battles with Campisi's the mcrodney family decided to move back to mevelport.

The police department in mevelport had employed a new chief of pd know as azura sarah. She was new and young and had never seen craig mcrodney before. This allowed Craig to set up his operations in mevelport again.within the year he was top dog of mevelport again importing millions of dollars of illegal substances a month.

It did not take azura to long to catch on to Craig but her pd was to weak to challenge his power. She ended up killing herself after constant death threats being sent to her. After the death of azura there was no police department at all and gangs ruled the streets. With massive amounts of high powered fire arms being smuggled into mevelport each year everyone was armed.

It was a dog fight everyone was out to get everyone and it was to dangerous to be in town. The mcrodney family had been weaken after being the target of so many smaller gangs. The members were all splitting up and making a run for it. Craig decided to make one last deal before he left town for good. He drove over to the buyers house with 2 kilos of heroin in the trunk of his car. Little did he know it was a trap set up by the pd. They arrested Craig but he escaped the night before the trial and fled the city.

He has never been seen since

Lol i got bored so i decided to write the life story of Craig Mcrodney i hope you enjoyed it.
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God amoungst Men
God amoungst Men

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PostSubject: Re: Craig Mcrodney History   Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:16 am

Win Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Craig Mcrodney History   Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:25 am

You have been watching to much Underbelly Razz

Nice story, reminded me of Underbelly so much ahaha, love underbelly<3
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PostSubject: Re: Craig Mcrodney History   Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:34 am

Pfft lol craig mcrodney makes aussie bob and all those fags look week lol. Its 1007 words long lol took me about hour to write but it was worth it.
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PostSubject: Re: Craig Mcrodney History   

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Craig Mcrodney History
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