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 Peany's TS3 Player Model Pack v5

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PostSubject: Peany's TS3 Player Model Pack v5   Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:26 pm

You can find the following at my site as well

BitTorrent coming within 24 hours, as well as full version installers.

I know you are thinking, another model pack? Well this one blows the rest out of the water. Read on to see why. This is meant to replace "Massive model pack & Updates (Update SP1-4)" and "Ryoma's Mega Massive Model Pack Part 1: 1GB of Models Of Epic Win" and "Big Model Pack" that are posted on this forum.

I have went through and downloaded all the TS3 model packs, and individual models I could find, and asked for any missing models I saw others wearing. I cleaned them up (empty folders, thumbs.db's, misnamed folders, rar's, etc). I also checked each model to make sure they loaded, and had TS3 animations. If I happened to miss any, tell me.

There are two types of model packs. A "Huge" model pack and a "Large" model pack. The "Huge" model pack has everything, the "Large" model pack has illegal (on some servers) models removed (racist, adult, cars, etc).

There are two available downloads for each type of pack, a 7-Zip archive and a ZSMI installer. 7-Zip is a high compression method, WinRAR ($29 commercial product) can read it, or you can use my favorite, 7-Zip (free and open source). Just open the 7-Zip, and drag the "ts" folder inside the 7-Zip into your "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\ACCOUNTNAME\half-life" folder (or equivalent). The ZSMI installer is made using a NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) script I found called ZSMI (Zero's Steam Map Installer) whose website can not be found as I write this (I will provide a link to download it soon). The ZSMI Installer is simple, it automatically finds your Half-Life folder (thanks to Valve's Steam, you do need to run Half-Life 1 first though, just like you did when you needed to install some other Half-Life 1 mods on a clean install) and installs it (it does overwrite existing models, but I did take the time to make sure they all work, and they are up-to-date, but if you did any reskins to models and didn't rename them, it WILL overwrite them), leaving no traces whatsoever.

Quote :

The first pack I compiled is every single model.

7zip: Huge_TS3_Model_Pack_v5.7z (434 MB)
7zip (BitTorrent): 2711270
AutoInstaller: zsmi-Huge_TS3_Model_Pack_v5.exe (??? MB)
AutoInstaller (BitTorrent): 2715329

Quote :

7zip: Large_TS3_Model_Pack_v5.7z (392 MB)
7zip (BitTorrent): 2715158
AutoInstaller: zsmi-Large_TS3_Model_Pack_v5.exe (??? MB)
AutoInstaller (BitTorrent): 2715485

Quote :
Individual models

You can go here if you want a single model, or many, and don't mind downloading uncompressed files. Depending on your BitTorrent client, you can pick and choose which files you do and don't want to download.

[size=200]If anyone has any model in here (with 3.0 animations) that would be awesome if you could send them to me, also any models I am missing. Just email me at [/size]

As for subsequent versions, I will release an upgrade to that version, as well as replace the old full install (when version 2 comes out, I will upload a version 1 to 2 archive, upload a 2 full, and delete version 1 full).

Anything I left out, or didn't go over, please address below.

Quote :
Upgrade packs

Quote :

7zip: Huge_TS3_Model_Pack_v4_to_v5.7z (165 MB)
7zip (BitTorrent): 2711079
AutoInstaller: zsmi-Huge_TS3_Model_Pack_v4_to_v5.exe (160 MB)
AutoInstaller (BitTorrent): 2711085

Quote :

7zip: Large_TS3_Model_Pack_v4_to_v5.7z (137 MB)
7zip (BitTorrent): 2711082
AutoInstaller: zsmi-Large_TS3_Model_Pack_v4_to_v5.exe (133 MB)
AutoInstaller (BitTorrent): 2711086
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New Member
New Member

Number of posts : 14
Reputation : -1
Points : 29
Registration date : 2009-07-01

PostSubject: Re: Peany's TS3 Player Model Pack v5   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:56 pm

Version 5 has been released. BitTorrent coming within 24 hours, as well as full version installers.

Also 1337:

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Peany's TS3 Player Model Pack v5
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