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PostSubject: Sean Gamble   Sean Gamble Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 12:50 pm

Sean Gamble isn't a household name, nor should it be. Sean grew up in a small town in North Dakota with his mom and her many boyfriends. Sean's father left his mother after he was born. Sean was just an average child, misunderstood at times, but, average nonetheless. Once Sean hit adolescents he became an empty shell. He felt nothing except pain and suffering, he was terribly depressed and suicidal. Every time Sean would attempt to end his life, the last thing that would run through his mind was his mother, the one person who hadn't treated him like a piece of shit. The world saw him as a lost cause, but, his mother always had faith in him. One day after school (or Hell, from his point of view), Sean returned home to find a broken down woman crying in the middle of the living room, his mother. He attempted to comfort her and ask what was wrong, he discovered a bruise on her left eye. Sean was utterly enraged, but, hesitated about doing anything about it. Him and his mother packed whatever they could carry, got into their car, and moved to the city of Burbank, to start a fresh life. Sean's suicidal tendencies began to disappear, he found love, he had great friends, and was doing excellent in school, he was a very smart young man and had a bright future ahead of him. After Sean turned 18, he graduated from Burbank High School. He got awards for his four consecutive years of honor roll and soon college scholarships began to flood his mailbox. Even though Sean had many offers from numerous different colleges, what he really wanted to do was defend his country. Sean enlisted in the military, specifically the USMC. He graduated tops in all his training courses, and eventually was shipped out to Iraq. The first year in Iraq was a great year for Private Gamble, he received numerous medals and eventually reached the rank of Sergeant. He was a great soldier, and a great leader. About 6 months after his award ceremony Sean and his men left on a mission to seek out an enemy weapon storage, to cripple terrorist activities within the region. They were to sneak in and demolish the weapons cache at midnight, and return to base safely. There was little resistance at the weapon storage, and they got inside with ease. Little did they know, a guard managed to escape unseen...within 10 minutes, Al Queda had surrounded the entire storage facility, and the team had no hope of survival. Sean told his team to escape through the underground tunnels within the facility, they grudgingly followed the order and left. Sean set the charges and took the detonator. As Sean began to escape through the tunnels, an explosive went off, set by the terrorists to clear the tunnels. As a wave of fire followed behind him, he pushed on the detonator and the charges above killed all enemy resistance and made the tunnel cave in on top of him. About a week after the incident a search team was sent out to search for Sean. Underneath all the rubble they found him, horribly hurt and battered. Sean woke up in the hospital the next day, almost every bone in his body had been broken, and his face had been horrible disfigured and burned. Sean was visited every day by his men and went through weeks of therapy and rehabilitation. He made a speedy recovery and quickly got back to work. After 2 years of being stuck in Iraq, he got a call from back home, he received dire news that his mother had passed away at the age of 42 due to heart failure. Even though Sean wanted to be there for his mother's funeral, he couldn't bare to leave his men, as they were to be going on a reconnaissance mission within the next 48 hours, he needed to lead them through it safely. As the day passed by, Sean's suicidal thoughts returned to him. He was enraged and irate towards everyone, including his commanding officer. Sean spent the night in his barracks alone, drowning his sorrows in Alcohol and cutting his wrists open to help ease the pain. All the years of pain and suffering he had felt came back, Sean needed a way to get all this hatred out. Sean's mind had gone completely insane, that night, Sean murdered every single one of his men, his commanding officers, and the new recruits that had just arrived. His trial was held 2 months after the incident, and the Judge ruled him as mentally insane and schizophrenic, and Sean was court marshaled and sent to a mental facility in Chicago to help him with his problems. Ever since the day at his military camp, Sean ceased to speak. Every day Sean would wrap his head in bandages, to help hide all the memories underneath. After years of therapy and being put on medication, Sean was released from the mental institution. After being released Sean returned home, he returned to Burbank, in hopes of putting his life back on track. To this day, he still bandages his face and continues not to speak to anyone. Sean was considered healthy when he was released, but, is his psyche truly fixed, or was it just an act? Only time will tell...
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Sean Gamble
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