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 WooWee's model request.

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WooWee's model request. Empty
PostSubject: WooWee's model request.   WooWee's model request. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 12:48 am

My character is a disturbed mute with a troubled past who lurks around the dark alleys of the city, just barely managing to make a living. Don't make his clothes too dirty and do your best to make the colors match.

Model Name: WooWeeKillz

Model(s) Used: leon, Velvet1, Edison, Jake2, Velvet2, Mafia_Dealer

Specs: Replace the head on the leon model with the Velvet1 head. Make the eyes a little brighter. Place the fandango from the Mafia_Dealer on his head. Make the hat black and the stripe red, maybe cut out a piece of the hat's rim. Remove the shirt and vest from underneath the coat, replace it with the shirt and tie from Velvet2. Make the tie a brighter red and make the shirt look like a tattered white. Make the jacket a little darker in some areas, make it looks old. Make the bottom of the coat look tattered and torn up like in the Jake2 model. Replace his hands with the hands from the Velvet1 model, make the gloves a darker black. Replace his pants with the Jake2 pants, color the pants, holster, and belt black, leave the rips in the knees. Make the jeans look faded and old as well. Replace the shoes with the converse high-tops from the Edison model. Make them red and white and also make them look worn and old. Make all the skin a pale color like on the Velvet2 model. Give it RP animations.

I'd really appreciate someone doing this for me, to help bring my character to life. <3
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WooWee's model request.
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