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PostSubject: GNN Nightly News   GNN Nightly News Icon_minitimeWed Sep 24, 2008 3:35 am


*A man flips through the different television stations just in time to get the highlights of the news.*

“Back to you Vladimir.”

“Thank you Natasha. Prime Minister Renry Hupert has only been in office for onlya few weeks, and already has enemies. It all started when the Prime Minister started to protest against the military saying ‘Power to the people’ and ‘Down with the military’. Other acts done by the Prime Minister has caused Grand Admiral Yosyp yo respond, by sending soldiers to the his office to detain him and question him. However, as the soldiers were getting ready to breach the office door, the prime minister mysteriously disappeared. No one yet knows how he escaped. However Grand Admiral Yosyp has blockaded New Ufa in an attempt to break the Prime Minister's will and leave New Ufa under the control of the Reborn Government.

Elsewhere in New Ufa, according to Nico Kalashnikov, the aftermath of the fatal Aptora incident has left mutants roaming about. Grand Admiral Yosyp has been bombing the hordes of mutants, however, those forces are now being used to blockade the planet.

We now go to Hoffman for sports.”
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GNN Nightly News
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