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 Story of Mobius

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PostSubject: Story of Mobius   Story of Mobius Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2008 4:27 pm

The year is 2259 and the human home-world of Earth is beginning to rebuild after its latest global war. This was the fifth global war in Earth's history. Due to recent events, one of them being that the previous world war was only 40 years ago, most of the world's countries didn't have and couldn't afford any of the resources needed to fully enter the war. Most of the countries had unrest and massive amounts of corruption within them. Even though they couldn't handle the pressure there was one that could due to a strong dictatorship and organization of resources.

Russia with its newly reborn Soviet Union and now in control of most of Europe, Asia, parts of Africa, and the old U.S. State of Alaska, the Reborn Union of the Communist Party was ready to fight its oldest rival; The United Earth Enterprise, otherwise known as the United States of America and Canada. It did not take long for the Earth Enterprise to fall and soon the Reborn Union controlled the Earth, Luna, Mars, and several moons on each of the local planets. Since the Union now had so much to control and knew that the current form of government wouldn't work for long. They changed their status to an Empire. They now called themselves the Reborn Empire to fit its new shell.

Years past and with the advancement in technology, the Reborn Empire was the first Nation in recorded history to discover a new planetary system that is proven to support life. They were in total shock because of it. The first thing to cross their minds was is it habited by intelligent life. To find out if that was true the Empire gathered several scientists and engineers to build something to send to the planet. They built a rocket with a new type of thrust engine and encoded inside was pictures, languages, and other types of things describing the Human race.

The rocket soon found its way to the planet quickly; in fact it only took about 15 years. As soon as it hit the ground local creatures gathered around it. Soon they were shooed off by what looked like tribesmen and they took the strange thing back to their leader. There they started to take it apart and discover what was inside. They quickly understood what everything meant inside that rocket, they reversed engineered it and found out how it worked. Thanks to the humans, the aliens became fast learners especially in engineering.

10 more years past and with the still rising advancement in technology, they were able to further improve the new type of thrust engine and attach it to a space shuttle. Their goal was clear, to send people, supplies, and parts to the planet where they sent the rocket. Even if the planet wasn稚 habitable they were going to colonize above it and hopefully the entire star system. They called the new Star System, Kridon. The shuttle was soon launched and sent on its way. Take note that this is a massive shuttlecraft that is about 7-9 football field long and 4 of them wide. It was equipped with 800 crewmen and 600 passengers, with motels, parks, and just about anything you壇 see on Earth. The shuttle was called New Hope and was the pride of the Empire and the Human Race itself.

The craft arrived to the planet and began to send small teams to the planet below. That is where they found the native intelligent species of the E地ewa, or so that is what they called themselves. The humans spent years teaching the E地ewa English and Russian, likewise, the E地ewa taught the Human their language. While all of this was going on the humans were busy bulding an orbital space station above the planet. The space station itself was relatively small, but it did have everything needed to survive.

While the space station was still in progress, the humans landed on the local moon which had somewhat of an atmosphere and discovered some caves. There they found rare blue crystals called Ullamite that is very useful because of the power it can generate. They took readings of the cave and found some very toxic fumes caused by spores on the ceiling. They took samples of the spores and brought it back to the labs. They found out that they already had these fungi on record already that they found on the planet also.

The E地ewa were immune to the gases but the humans knew that they would never agree to help them, so they came up with a plan. They took a handful of E地ewa and took them to the labs on the spacecraft. The humans took the immunity gene from the E地ewa and placed it in human hosts and it was successful but at a cost. The new species became deformed for reasons yet unknown.

Soon after that the space station was completely built and work began on the moon to quickly gain access to the Ullamite mineral. By that time the half-breeds, or otherwise known as 鍍he outcasts but they called themselves Tolus, were old enough to get to work in the deep moon. It didn稚 take long for the Tolus to fully understand just how much they had under their control and soon they demanded more of a role in system governments.

Now years later, the humans now control several cities on the surface of the planet and the E地ewa control most of the farming areas and take some jobs within the space station as engineer assistants. The Tolus fully control the mines and built it into an organization, making them very wealthy indeed. With the Space Station acting as the systems headquarters, all of the species work together to bring peace and avoid conflicts. For now anyway

*Forgive grammar and misspells*

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Story of Mobius
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