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 Milly's Police App

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PostSubject: Milly's Police App   Milly's Police App Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 11:21 pm


STEAMID: Milly 'Kitty' Shawn

Rank Applying for: Any,

How long have you Role-Played for?: 3 Years

Short Character Bio: As a kid Milly loved to see cops, Talk to cops and even her family has the Police blood line in them, She wants to continue this line of work as her dad was killed on the job at an Edeka robery, She was born and raised at IBurgCity.

Why should you be given this job?: I Am quite a good cop, No rush cuffs, No rush tazers, The server needs cops/Good ones

You are getting some lunch at the local diner and you hear something on your com channel. The bank is being robbed and there are 2 KNOWN armed suspects. You jump out of your seat and out the door to the bank. When you arrive you see that there are you other cops on the scene and one is badly wounded and bleeding on the bank steps. Explain how you would handle this situation: I Would check to see if any criminals are outside, Call for medical backup and resume trained position. After speaking to the criminals they are unresponsive and its time to go inside to do yourstuff.

Hope I get it! lol!
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Milly's Police App
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