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Joe Pham
New Member
New Member

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Registration date : 2009-01-14

PostSubject: Eclipse   Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:06 pm

1.) Name of owner and members :

Joe Pham,
Ken 'c99shell' Doll
(Will be getting more members soon)

2.) Steam IDs of all members :

STEAM_0:0:2303957 Joe
STEAM_0:0:780395 Ken

3.) Organization wanted : Please list the name of the organization and the ranks.

Name : Eclipse.

Eclipse Boss - He runs everything. He hires people, Tells people their roles. Basically runs the shit.

Eclipse Underboss - Hes second in command, He runs everything when the Boss isn't there.
Pay: 45

Eclipse Drug Dealer - He sells the drugs to other people obviously.
Pay: 40

Eclipse Bartender - He's the bartender, Sells drinks.
Pay: 35

Eclipse Recruit - He's new, doesn't know much and is getting to know everything and what people do and what we do.
Pay: 30

4.) Organization Type: Mafia

5.) What is it that your organization will do?:

Basically we are a group of
people that sells drugs and run the Venuz. We don't cause any trouble we just do what we are meant to do, Sometimes were are involved with gangs.
We don't DM, If one of the group members DM he will be fired.

6.) Organization Bio :

The organization was made by Joe Pham. One day Joe Pham wanted to create his own mafia. He wanted to run the streets. Since he knew a lot about drugs and knew everything about the city he made the group, It was called the Eclipse. Some goals that are set for the Eclipse is to make massive money, Sell drugs, Make customers regulars. Money is good an all but trust is the key thing.

7.) Member bios :

Joe Pham was 14 when he first joined a gang. He had no family because they were killed. He didn't know where or when, All he knew was they were dead. He grew up on the streets and alone. Until he met people that were in a gang. They invited to join and he agreed. They were involved with other gangs. He didn't want to fight but if he had to, then he would fight. Cops were also involved. One day there was a gang fight. When the gangs met up there were also cops there. The cops captured many gang members of his and others but Joe escaped. Escaped to Iburg. He wanted to form his own group. So he did.

8.) Why should we give you this organization? :

Since the server recently got restarted, I wanted to make an organization. I have a lot of experience on orgs and I have played TSRP for years. I quit and recently just started playing. I'll make sure this organization will not DM. This organization will bring good to this sever. It wont do anything to make the server go down. This organization will interact with other organizations. For RP's we will sell drugs to each other and have connections with mafias.
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Joe Pham
New Member
New Member

Number of posts : 6
Reputation : 0
Points : 5
Registration date : 2009-01-14

PostSubject: Re: Eclipse   Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:25 pm

Ken Doll may not be my "real" name, I am actually a fugitive on the run. After leaving San Francisco for an ecstasy bust landing 12 people in jail. Ken decides to flea the country and change his name to Ken Doll. You can most likely find him at raves or around a mean crowd. Ken has taken a liking to his new friend Joe, Where he plans to start another ring..

Ken's Bio. Dun know how to edit.
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Joe Pham
New Member
New Member

Number of posts : 6
Reputation : 0
Points : 5
Registration date : 2009-01-14

PostSubject: Re: Eclipse   Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:50 pm

Adding on for jobs.

Eclipse Hitman - Does hits Obviously.

Eclipse Weapon Dealer - Sells guns.
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PostSubject: Re: Eclipse   

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