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PostSubject: Characters   Characters Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 10:47 pm

Sam Deckar

Sam Deckar is a fully fictional character living in Mevelport. His life is just average. He grew up in a fully functional family, although in the later years his time in his hometown in Canada, his connection with his parents grew harsh. As a result, he moved out to a med school, shrinking his connection with his parents. When he finally moved to Mevelport, Sam Deckar is at the point where you can consider him to be without parents.

Gun Nut - Increased skill in handling and maintaining handguns.
Ghost - Proficiency is increased for spy equipments, and decreased rate of stealth failure.
Medic - Proficiency in providing medical aid.
Rise and Shine - Rapid rate of increasing alertness in the morning.
Brick Generator - Requires less fiber to avoid constipation. Increased rate of toilet clogging.
Runner - Agility is permanently increased.


Although the name has not been decided yet, 'arrow' is a representation of TSRP player arrow.

A Gorgeous Bitter-cold Winter - Conditioned immunity to cold conditions. Requires 50% less winter attire, and increased tolerance time in cold conditions
Decaffeinated [Req: 10 g of caffeine consumed] - Ability to treat caffeine as a sedative drug if desired.
Musicianship [Req: Experience in 5 musical instruments] - Ability to adapt to new instruments easily (25% bonus experience on new instruments).
Environmentally Flexible - Going either urban or rural areas will have no negative impact on morale.
Tank Legs - Lower body muscles will have a 25% bonus strength. Negatively impacts height and center of balance. Agility is decreased.
Night Man - Morale will not be impacted by night. Faster adaptation to natural night vision.
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