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 My personal killing floor solo tactics, berserker perk based.

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PostSubject: My personal killing floor solo tactics, berserker perk based.   Sun May 17, 2009 6:48 am

Hi, I decided since I'm bored and already figured a few things about the game, I'd post a few tactics of my prefered class.
But first a few ground things for all classes:

1) Self Med-syringe animation is very cancelable. If you hit your heal button a few times while it's being brought out, the initial injection animation will be skipped and you'll get that heal just that little bit faster. If you hit any weapon swap key, you will swap to that weapon when the syringe recharges back to 10 instead of the long animation that goes up to around 30.

2) L.A.W and Xbow reload cancel. Since the law and Xbow are single shot weapons there is no defined 'clip' however this trick is far more useful to the law because it has a longer reload time. If you hit any weapon key and hit your law / xbow key quickly, the weapon will try to swap out but be brought back in immediatly after the firing action. However the scope cannot be used for about a second after this trick is done. Very useful for law users.

3) L.A.W. Is classifed as a shotgun class weapon. While special support users do not get a discount on it, they will benefit from the extra ammo and damage perks that a shotgun has and the L.A.W. will level up your shotgun total damage required to level.
On that note, L.A.W. Is only useful for the Specialist and Berserker. Specialist because of higher damage, ammo and slots and Berserker because the increased run speed with melee negates the 15 slots, making you effectively run at 'normal' speed with a melee out. (Normal speed, running with a knife out as any other class with 1 slot.)

4) Clots. Jump and move away from them to slowly break from their grab. If you are surrouned by clots, kill clots in one direction while jumping and move out that way. Try to pick a direction that isn't covered by a gorefast or your murdered.

5) Get monsters to hate Bloats. If they start attacking the bloat, you've effectively reduced two specimens from trying to kill you.

6) Fleshpounders will kill any specimens infront of them while they are charging.

7) Hiding behind an object when the Patriarch is using his chaingun will stop him from attacking. He likes to use it mainly after he has meleed you.

8.) If a Specimen has lost their head, ignore it. They take damage constantly and will die.

9) Specimens slowly lose HP and die off if there are only 6 or less zombies left. If you leave around 8 left, you can run around the map hunting for ammo, armour and guns without the wave ending.

10) Keep moving in solo mode.

11) Reloading does not waste any remaining ammunition in a gun. The extra ammo shown is based on how many full clips you have remaining and the ammo you have left is a standard numerical number like any other, it's just hidden behind the full clips remaining.

Now, onto the more berserker-specfic hints.

1) Chainsaw, while highly useful, is very bad for solo. You WILL notice the reduced move speed that the 8 slots takes when trying to run. I find a machette is very good in both damage and keeping my slots down. That is all you will need, the rest of your money is devoted to armour, grenades and 9mm ammo.

2) Fire axe. Very good, high damage and low slots. However, it's attack animation is way to long, if you want the increased ZED extension bonuses a fireaxe doesn't attack fast enough to get another attack off while in ZED.

3) Melee attack cancels. If you start a melee attack and wait half a second and swap weapon, not only will the melee attack be accelerated, but you'll be swapped into another weapon. The most useful to do this with is the knife. If you swap to your knife and hit any other weapon key and then swap back to your knife quickly before it's put away, your last weapon used becomes your knife. If you start the alt-fire, the stronger knife slash and hit your last weapon used key, you will swap back out into the knife, canceling the animation but the attack will come out faster.

4) Save your money and whenever you can, buy a LAW or Xbow if your good at headshots. Space them out on the map, you will need these for soloing the Patriarch. What you do is sell anything you have so you have 1 slot. You can outrun the patriarch when he melee's only as a berserker with 1 slot. When he stops to attack with a rocket or chaingun at LONG range, pick up a LAW or Xbow and shoot him, then drop it if he comes after you. Do not use flamethrowers or hunting shotguns soloing the Patriach - They are far to short ranged, you need to run the second he cloaks or he'll nail you if you aren't running with 1 slot and a knife.

5) Keep crawlers away and avoid sirens. Shoot crawlers away if you are not experienced at taking them down mid-flight. You will have a VERY tough time running from crawlers constantly trying to leap at you as it is faster than their run speed.

6) Scrakes, Gorefasts and stalkers stand still to do their attack. You can WALK away from them.

7) Sirens screaming does not go through walls or objects. Initate the scream, hide behind the wall, take her down with melee attacks.

8.) FleshPounders. There are two ways to approach this guy - Melee and ranged. Using the ranged method, slowly piss him off with your 9mm then run away with the knife, make sure you are a fair distance away from him and you will outrun his moment of being pissed off. Using melee, go for the head and let him tap you for 5-10 damage every now and then, heal when your around 75hp. This will stop him most of the time from going berserker on your ass as whenever he deals damage it resets his level of being pissed off.

9) Continue running around the map and only loop back if you absolutely MUST. Looping back is dangerous. If you ever need to get the heat off, pull your welder out as you close a door and weld it to about 15-20% and run away. If you over weld it, zombies may go around when you move to a new location because it is faster and you will be surrounded.

Using these techniques I have managed to hold my own in hard mode with nothing but a machette and a 9mm pistol.
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PostSubject: Re: My personal killing floor solo tactics, berserker perk based.   Mon May 18, 2009 10:13 am

i say commando ftw
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PostSubject: Re: My personal killing floor solo tactics, berserker perk based.   Tue May 19, 2009 11:04 am

I say no commando and just go all MACHETE on these suckers
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Number of posts : 41
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PostSubject: Re: My personal killing floor solo tactics, berserker perk based.   Tue May 19, 2009 1:26 pm

just got lvl 4 commando today bitches
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PostSubject: Re: My personal killing floor solo tactics, berserker perk based.   

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My personal killing floor solo tactics, berserker perk based.
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