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PostSubject: Officer Valteri Cassata   Officer Valteri Cassata Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 1:26 pm

Valteri Cassata first game to the town recently, he was a police officer in the town of Mecklinburg back about 4 years ago. After a tragic accident that occurred which ended violently killing his wife and son, he decided it was time to leave his old town and start a new life in a different city. While in Mecklinburg he was a Senior Officer for the PD. The town was corrupt to the hilt including most of the PD and Government Officials, but despite all that was evil a glimmer of hope came from a select few in the PD. After the government noticed these few 'good guys' they began to kill them off one by one. The first one to die was a close friend of mine, Joshua Henagar. He was a good cop, very ambitious and good hearted. He was murdered after he got into an accident in his police cruiser. They took him out and tortured him until he couldn't take it anymore, then they ended his life. With me, I was a little too hard to get a hold of like the others, so they resorted to killing my family and working their way from there, trying to get into my head. Well i guess you can say, it worked in a way. After seeing all my friends and family die with the town, i couldn't stay anymore, the corruption was too much for me to handle so i decided to take up a new life at another town.

After leaving Mecklinburg, i wandered for a while aimlessly looking for a place of belongingness. I did random jobs from town to town just to feed my self. Wasn't the most honorable jobs, but it put food in my stomach and a place to sleep for the night. Finally after 1 year of looking, i found Iburg City. A nice little town, didn't seem too bad. After entering the town i was looking for jobs, couldn't find much that required my set of skills. I was confronted by a man who worked for the PD at the time. He was a tall man, very well built. He somehow knew who i was and we began talking for a while. Well after long thought of what happened in the past, i decided to throw away what i feared about the police force and joined which is where i am at now, in this trail of blood and despair some call a life.

If you guys find this cool or exciting leave a comment below! I want to know if i am a good story teller or not haha Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Officer Valteri Cassata   Officer Valteri Cassata Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 2:27 pm

accepted as officer

Officer Valteri Cassata DonPunch
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Officer Valteri Cassata
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