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 Muhammad Achmeds Bio

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PostSubject: Muhammad Achmeds Bio   Muhammad Achmeds Bio Icon_minitimeWed Mar 25, 2009 3:58 pm

Name: Muhammad Achmed
Bio: Muhammad was born in Egypt but his mother was Arabian while his father was African. He was 16 when his parents died and he came to America when he was 19. His parents died because of the Americans. They were shot down while trying to protect him from an American invaders. After he left for America he had toughened up his mind,body,heart, and soul. But even after he arrived in America the American soldiers kept slaughtering his family members. He then got married when he was 22 to a woman named Khadija Raksha. They had two children but as time went on his first child died when Muhammad was 26.Then his second child died when he was 28. Then his wife, Khadija died when he was 30. They were all slaughtered by the American Soldiers. The next two years he spent devising ways to get back at the Americans. He was living in a condemned house.Then one day he decides to go to California and seek revenge!
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Muhammad Achmeds Bio
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