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 Kurokami's Biographies

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PostSubject: Kurokami's Biographies   Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:00 am

Shinji Takegawa Biography wrote:

Biography: Shinji has seen all types of crime in his travels, His past itself was quite full of it, Shinji was born in a Small island off the coast of Kyushu where crime was seen as just another way of circulating the economy. I guess saying that you can add that the economy was split between two Yakuza's, One Formed by Karasu and the other Inherited by Kage, A silly nickname given to an underserving leader.

Shinji's Mother was killed when he was 12 as was ordered by Karasu to "Compensate" for tax gone unpaid. Though his father wept Silently Shinji was Obsessed with revenge, And so at the age of 16 He had joined the Yakuza under Kage's Employment, Pulling any job to assist Kage against Karasu. Shinji was soon taken into a more "Exclusive" section of the Yakuza and was Reguarded as one of the "Shinigami" A top notch assassin or mercenary usually intrusted with jobs involving Deception or Framing.
Three years passed and Shinji was at his last door step, After Six long years he had decided its time to Finish working for Kage and seek revenge on his own.

This is it, Kage's Last order. No more petty crimes, No more Carrying out another persons will.

Shinji Knocked on the door, After collecting all of the right information, After working out the Mark's Schedules and Preparing for the Excecution, It was one of Kage's Most trusted that opened the door and on the floor, Allready stained with blood, lay the Mark and near him was a man sitting in a chair with a bag over his head, tied and supervised by another man with a gun.
Shinji followed Kage's Puppet Further into the apartment, Searching his mind for who the man in the chair is.
The man near the chair stood up and pulled the bag off the sitting man, Unveiling the father Shinji hasn't seen for six years.

This can't be right, How did they manage to track him down? That doesnt matter right now, How do i get out of this?...

"Come now Kuro, You must've seen this coming..." The Puppet grinned, "Well I'll admit i'm not used to being on this side of the Bullet but if you dont mind me asking, Whose that guy?" Shinji tried to bluff pointing at his father.
"We've Done the research Kuro, Don't try your games on us"
"Yeah, don't try and bullshit us you traitor!" The Young man near Shinji's Father said with Unfounded Rage. Shinji smiled and turned to the young man "Let the big boys talk kid.", The Young man Rushed towards Shinji and Punched him in the face, Then Grabbed his Hair and forced him to his Knee, Shinji fell down onto the ground and both men stood over him.
"Hah!" The Man Spat "Your Murders Used to Inspire Fear into people, Now You're not even a match for me!", Shinji looked down slightly, as though ashamed and Grabbed a knife from the strap above his boots.
"Maybe I should become a Shinigami!" The young man continued and lifted Shinji By his hair.
"I don't Think You're cut out." Replied Shinji and stabbed the Young man in the throat and quickly took it out Jumping on the Puppet, Prepared the puppet grabbed Shinji's Hand and Struggled to get Free, Meanwhile the Dying man was Reaching for his gun, Shinji stared back at the gun and the puppet Slashed at his Eye, Shinji quickly Turned the struggle back against the puppet and Stabbed Him in the Eye.
A loud Roar sounded and Blood splashed over Shinji.
By the time the guns echos faded there where 3 bodies on the ground, and the groaning laughter of one choking on his own blood as he lay with a pistol looking at Shinji covered in his fathers blood.

A month after Burrying his father Shinji found his plan falling into fruition, Shinji had killed and framed Important men on both Karasu's Side and Kage's, Now the Two clans Where at war, and neither can afford to risk going after him.

The enemy of my enemy is a dead man no matter how i look at it, All i need to do is be here at the end when it all finishes.

With his Revenge in the making, Shinji decided to travel. Strings were covering every robbery, every murder, every crime in the towns he travelled, till one day he met a young hood named Nashoba...

((Fuck my other ones are on the other comp and its sleep time, lol. I love the biography section btw, =)))
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PostSubject: Re: Kurokami's Biographies   Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:40 pm

(OOC But I actually named my penis shinji a few years back, and kept it. :3)
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PostSubject: Re: Kurokami's Biographies   Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kurokami's Biographies   Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:16 pm

Mavetti Dragonov Biography wrote:

"The picture in front of you is of Mavetti dragonov, Originally a sibling amongst triplets, The following information is based off records from covert agents, Medical certificates, newspaper articals, Legal contracts and so on, Standard persedure information, unfortunately the delta network hasnt taken an interest in Mavetti since birth, so we are only entitled to so much of his past, ofcoarse we feel it best to familiar ourselves with whatever information we can so we can better understand Mavetti and the Black Spades."

*slide show begins, showing documented interviews, contracts, and medical/legal records*

"1970, Feburary 10th, The Dragonov Family had triplets, Kjeld born 5 minutes earlier then Mavetti, and Nikolai born 7 minutes after.
The three where born to a poor family living in a bad neibourhood and as such their father frequently abused them."

"1979, March 3rd, The three are put into a childrens assylem for the mentally insane for allegedly Murdering their father, The mother claimed that whilst the father started it by throwing a bottle at the youngest, Nikolai, Mavetti had began to violently beat the father with a wrench, being too drunk to run or fight back the father was soon beaten to death by Mavetti and Kjeld who had joined in. the three where taught basic reading and writing along with some basic Mathematics within the assylum."

"1984, June 7th, Nikolai, Mavetti and Kjeld escape and are reported for crimes such as armed robbery, Pickpocketing and assault (progressioning petty thefts to more brutal accusations), The three where not captured for 6 years."

"1990, December 20th, Nikolai, Mavetti and Kjeld come back to the Assylum, Where a Powerfull mercenary Organisation, which we've only recently Recodnised as one of the secret Military Devisions that was used by the USA to Irradicate certain bases located in iraq, deffended them in a Trial against the assylum, Having won the case all records other then the ones we have collected where destroyed and the Three where set free."

"The records for the next 8 years are of the three doing contract missions for the mercenaries, these contracts generally involved the erradication of evidence and small plattoons situatied in iraq, along with any local residents."

"1998, Janurary 27th, Nikolai, Mavetti and Kjeld are sent on their last mission to fulfill their Contract based somewhere around the Western part of iraq.
Communication is lost with the three and Mavetti is the only one to come back, reporting the loss of his brothers, and the failure of the mission when the enemy overwhelmed them."

(we are still unsure how the contract was concidered fulfilled when Mavetti had failed his last mission, it could have been a preset time to conclude it or prehaps kindness or stupidity on their end.)

"1998, Feburary 1st, Mavetti flys to New York and sets into an appartment overlooking the sea with money we assume to have come from his career with the merceneries, along with both his brothers money."

"1998, April 19th, an Assailant attempts to burn Mavetti's appartment and ends up being burned himself by Mavetti, Mavetti is let off on self deffence."

"1998, April 24th, Mavetti flys to Japan, Due to lack of agents currently working in Japan we are not able to get exact details of activities, but some Criminal claims have lead us to believe that its in there he first began his association with the Black Spades, This carries over for 4 months untill he is sent to Austrailia along with other Black Spades members, Each one to a different small settlement to begin their criminal industry, Mavetti chose Iburg."

"1998, May 21st, Mavetti successfully Purchaces a Bar in Iburg and begins his trade, we believe both legal and illegal."

"2000, Augest 7th, one of our field enforcers was sent by my predecessor to kill Mavetti in a staged mugging after frustration at his allusiveness concerning the Black Spades, The opperation ended in failure as Mavetti was merely wounded and braught to hospital where instead our own man was killed, This is the reason Mavetti along with the rest of the black spades now know of our existance and intentions, we where atleast lucky in one way, From this mistake we where able to analyse his associates and give us new leads on the black spades and their opporations, However they all wound up as dead ends, Either untrackable or showing nothing, His only visitors where a hooded man we could not identify, A Japanese man we had recently Identified as Shinji Takegawa (this man was contacted as an avatar to the town of Shaunsville where he showed no criminal connection other then his past, and was terminated by the Local Mafia after assisting felix in solving a murder case which lead to them and the curruption of the town.), and a Japanese Woman we confirmed to have a fake ID though we could never track her again. we believe her to have come with Shinji as she didn't speak a word to Mavetti nor the Hooded man."

*A picture of Shinji Takegawa playing a game of Shogi against both Mavetti and the Hooded man whilst the women sits next to Shinji, Followed by individual pictures of the woman and Shinji, And a sketch of The Hooded man.*

*A Document showing the Doctors diagnosis of Mavetti stating that whilst normally recovery would take only a week Mavetti began to bleed out again*

"2000, Augest 21st, Mavetti gets out of hospital and once again sinks under the radar, making appearances only during bank robbarys or major arms deals using what we assume to be Counter intelligence due to the Events generally being within a tight time frame, and with a year or two gap in between."

"2008, Feburary 10th, Agents confirm the appearance of Mavetti in the Riverstone District, along with a hooded man we assume to be the same as earlier spoken of."
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PostSubject: Re: Kurokami's Biographies   Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:19 pm

Jiken Higashi Biography wrote:

Jiken looked at the door, more anxious then nurvous and held his pistol as tightly and firmly as he could and repeated to himself "Its been too long... no more mistakes." His fingers stretched and his lips followed as he counted without a sound, "Three...Two...One." The door exploded inwards and Jiken rushed in and fixed his pistol on the man sitting in the middle of the room. "Abdul Jahara." he said, suprised he could see no one else in the room with him. "Welcome, Welcome little rat! But please, call me Brian Kelburn..." The humor and insanity in his words were enough to make Jiken doubt himself for a minute. "You're here alone and five of my men are standing behind me, put your hands up already." Jiken chucked incriminating photos of arms deals and murders at Brians feet while still fixing his gun at his head. Brians laugh echoed the room, "Two." Jiken heard two grunts from behind him, quickly glancing back he saw three of his men surrounding the two and beating them uncontious with the back of their pistols, without hesitation Jiken turned back to shoot Brian, and within that slow second a shadow appeared over Jiken and he propelled away from the gun, his eyes slowly closing as he lay there shocked at the amazing speed of the robbed man, where did he come from?

"Hahaha..." Brians mocking laughter was the first thing Jiken awoke too, followed by a gun shot that roared through one of Jikens men. Brian was now towering over the other man, his heavy and muscular build almost as intimidating as his insane voice, he grabbed the mans face, "So tell me, why did you come here? did you want to die?" Brian continued pestering the man rhetorically.
Jiken looked down at the photo's infront of him, the ones he earlier through at Brian. "You're not the only photographer in town, Higashi." the Shadow suprised him again, dropping photo's of Jikens operatives and copies of all his intel on the case. "You were just unfortunate enough to draw the short straw by picking this case." another gunshot roared but Jiken was focused only on the hooded man. "Who are you?" Jiken asked, "My name is Nashoba Ogawa, I guess you could say me and Mr. Kelburn are two very independent Collegues." Though Jiken was startled by the honesty of the answer he knew a man wearing a hood and constantly hiding couldn't be too easy to find with just a name. Brian walked towards Jiken and turned to Nashoba, "Nashyy..." he whined in a mocking voice, "What are ya gonna do with this rat?" Jiken felt a prick on his neck, "Its none of your business, Brian" the room started spinning as the conversation continued, "Ya never do things without reasons, tell me!" Brian commanded and the room started going dark, "Its a personal experiment, now go attend the bodies before they smell..." Jiken fell unconscious.

His eyes opened to a bottle of whisky in his hand and a news paper on his legs. He sat up opening the newspaper before him. "Briggs...? Burbank...? 13th, Fuck." Jiken had been unconscious for 3 days, he picked up the bag he was lying down on a moment before and started searching through it, a wallet with $5,000 in it, his ID card and a small piece of paper saying 'Play the game' with a bright yellow smiley on it where inside the large shoulder bag. Jiken went back to laying there, looking at the clouds and recollecting the past 3 days. "I need a job."
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PostSubject: Re: Kurokami's Biographies   

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Kurokami's Biographies
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